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Take A Double Shot of Aspirin: Hangovers Only Get Worse as You Age

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If you thought hangovers in your 20s and 30s were bad, then you better start stocking up on Aspirin and Gatorade now.

The WSJ reports that the repercussions of drinking only get amplified in people’s 40s and 50s due to everything from body composition to lifestyle choices.

“You’re becoming more work-oriented, more family-oriented,” Rutgers director of the Center of Alcohol Studies Robert Pandina said. “You might have a more sensitive response to alcohol because you’ve lowered your exposure to alcohol overall.”

In other words, they have lower tolerances. The CDC measured that 52% of 45-64 year olds are “regular” drinkers having at least 12 drinks a year. Hold up: having a drink a month makes you a regular drinker? A drink a week seems more reasonable but hey, we’re not doctors.

So is the answer to avoiding nasty hangovers asking for smaller glasses, or ordering out of fishbowls with a…

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Kim Kardashian Goes Topless in New Kanye Video That Looks Like Something Crafted in Windows Movie Maker

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In Kanye West’s new video for “Bound 2,” his underexposed fiancée Kim Kardashian goes topless (though her nipples are mysteriously absent). But what we really want to talk about is all of that America the Beautiful-style ’90s CGI that looks like something your pervy little cousin crafted in Windows Movie Maker.

Bald eagles soaring over amber plains of grain? Check. White wild stallions majestically charging towards the camera lens? Check. Beautiful people simulating sex on a motorcycle? CHECK, Y’ALL. God bless America.

We’re sure your weird aunt who peddles turquoise jewelry out of her stucco house in Santa Fe really enjoyed this vid.

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Photography 101: Your Workflow, Part I

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The Daily Post

In her Photography 101 tutorial, Leanne Cole introduced us to the basics of image editing, using tools in Adobe Photoshop. As we mentioned, you don’t have to pay for software to edit and process your images — there are free options out there like PicMonkey, Pixlr, and Picasa, as well as built-in tools on your Mac or editing and organizing tools for Windows, like Photo Gallery.

Today, we’re talking with photographers about their workflows: after a photo shoot, what do they do next? How does an image move from camera to blog? “Getting the shot” is just one part of the process. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a beginning photoblogger, you should have a process for uploading and displaying your images on your blog.

Let’s read how others do it, shall we?

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The Best Part of Wakin’ Up Is Knowing You Can Make a Gross Dinner Using Your Coffeemaker

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If you live in a cramped dorm room or a studio apartment with a pseudo-kitchen, you can still cook yourself elaborate, gourmet meals — as long as you have a coffee maker.

According to NPR, you can make yourself a perfectly legitimate dinner this way. For example: poach some salmon with garlic, ginger and soy in the carafe, and then steam some broccoli cauliflower in the basket above.

The chefs over at Chow say you can also cook up oatmeal, hardboiled eggs or grilled cheese, all using your coffeepot. But why stop there? Chow also suggests crafting some chocolate fondue for dessert. The Swedish blog Kaffekokarkokboken (yes, that’s its real name) has come up with recipes for pumpkin soup, chutney and cinnamon buns — again, all made entirely in what you once thought was just a rinky-dink, one-note appliance. Shame on you.

Okay, so a freshman living in a dorm probably…

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Harry Potter Stamps Apparently Not American Enough

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As the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) launches 20 new Harry Potter-themed postage stamps Tuesday, some American stamp enthusiasts say they would have liked to see a U.S. character on postage instead of the star of J.K. Rowling’s hit books, the Washington Post reports.

“Harry Potter is not American. It’s foreign, and it’s so blatantly commercial it’s off the charts,” John Hotchner, a Falls Church stamp collector and former American Philatelic Society president, told the newspaper. Don Schilling, an L.A. collector who runs The Stamp Collecting Round-Up blog also told the Post that stamps “shouldn’t be reduced to the latest fads, whatever’s going to sell.”

Postmaster General Patrick R. Don­ahoe is banking on Harry Potter and Hogwarts to sell stamps and magically make more people send letters instead of emails as the volume of mail has gone down by 25% in the past five or six years, and the Post Office is expected to lose…

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This New Backstreet Boys Video Probably Caused an International Hair Gel Shortage

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Backstreet’s back. Alright!

Yup, the Backstreet Boys have released a new video for their single “Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of)” from their latest album, In a World Like This. The band posted the video on Facebook Tuesday, writing, “This song is very personal and special to us. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

And indeed, there’s just so much to love here, beginning with Kevin’s spirited fist pump 29 seconds in, or his soul-penetrating Blue Steel later on. Then, of course, there’s just all the wistful glances and meaningful points and gestures toward the camera. This video is high-intensity and high-drama, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But there’s also a lot to be concerned about. First, the hair gel thing. Seriously. Nick Carter appears to have used up the world’s entire supply. Save some for everyone else, Nick. Then there is…

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The Selfie Era and Other Fascinating News on the Web

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  1. Me, Myself, and My Selfie

    Of all the inventions marking the rise of the digital era, perhaps none was as inevitable as the front-facing camera. And so it’s not surprising that modern humans quickly took to the dual role of being both the shooter and the shot, the sharer and shared, the self and the selfie. It has, after all, never been so easy to find yourself. You just have to look at your own Facebook status updates, your own Twitter feed, your own cell phone camera lens. So it makes perfect sense that the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year for 2013 is Selfie. Selfie is not merely the word of the year. It is the idea of an era.

    + For good measure, here’s a photo of me with the story about Selfie being named word of the year.

    + No service represents the selfie era like…

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