Happy Friday: Here’s A Corgi Twerking

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If Juicy J’s college scholarship can be applied to obedience school, then there’s a new frontrunner in the competition.

In this video sure to brighten your Friday, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi shows Miley Cyrus a thing or two about twerking, no Robin Thicke necessary. The internet’s favorite breed has a body built for rump shaking and luckily this pup’s parents don’t need a twerking tutorial and are willing to share their dog’s delightful dance moves with the world. Maybe next time Lily Allen should use an all-corgi backup dance revue for her videos?

Assuming the corgi’s moves will win Juciy J’s heart, let’s hope the pup’s obedience school doesn’t make its students sign anti-twerking contracts.

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