Debating the “N” Word and the “F” Word with Charles Blow, Don Lemon, and Noah Michelson

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Piers Morgan

On the heels of Alec Baldwin‘s latest paparazzi run-in, during which the actor and television host is accused of using a gay slur, on Tuesday evening “Piers Morgan Live” invited a trio of men to discuss the use of inflammatory words, the appropriateness of specific terms within society, and any stigmas carried by particular terms.

“Let’s get rid of all the words that hurt people’s feelings, we still have to deal with the issues that hurt people’s lives, the things that are kind of below the surface,” said Charles Blow, an op-ed columnist for “The New York Times.” “As a writer, I loathe cliches, but if there were ever a tip of a iceberg, this is just the tip, of an iceberg.”

Discussing both Baldwin’s alleged use of the “F-Word,” and the recent attention given to the “N-word” as it’s appeared multiple times within the context of…

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