School Shut Down and Kids Hospitalized After 6th Grade Boys Spray Too Much Axe

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It is hardly news that pre-pubescent boys have no idea how to properly administer Axe body spray.

It is news when said inappropriate Axe use causes a school-wide shutdown.

Eight students were hospitalized, and two others were taken to their own doctors, after someone released the especially pungent body spray in a sixth grade classroom at 1 p.m. Emergency crews rushed to Medgar Evers College Preparatory School in Brooklyn to investigate the “hazardous” smell.

This isn’t the first time Axe body spray has terrorized educational facilities.

A Pennsylvania high school had to ban the spray in March after a student was hospitalized after exposure to its fumes. A year earlier, Connecticut high school officials said that a fire alarm went off after a student’s “overabundance” of Axe spraying in a locker room.

If you insist on smelling like a middle school cafeteria, maybe stick to Axe shower gel from now…

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