Nick Kristof on Al-Shabaab: “We inadvertently helped to create it”

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Piers Morgan

On the heels of Saturday’s deadly attack on a shopping mall in Kenya, on Monday evening Nicholas Kristof joined “Piers Morgan Live” to add his trademark brand of informed perspective.

Joining Piers Morgan for a live, face to face interview the “The New York Times” columnist offered some analysis of the militant group responsible for the shooting that has left more than five dozen people dead.

“Al-Shabaab is a real organization, and more recently it has been tied up more with Al-Qaeda. But we inadvertently helped to create it,” said Kristof, detailing a 2006 effort by the Bush Administration to force the expulsion of an Islamic group from Somalia. “That created this nationalist movement among Somalis, who then gathered behind Al-Shabaab, who were these crazy Jihadis, and gave them a brief window of legitimacy, which they then ran with and have been wreaking extraordinary violence.”

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