AC360 411: Kenya mall attack

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Anderson Cooper 360

Kenyan authorities have tweeted they are in control of the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, after a three-day standoff with terrorists who’ve killed dozens of people.  However, two senior officials told CNN there are still several gunman inside the besieged complex. The Somali-based terrorist group al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the bloodshed. Here’s the AC360 411 on the attack and the killers:

At least 62

The number of people confirmed dead in the attack at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.


That’s how many people have been wounded. At least five were Americans, according to the U.S. State Department.


The number of people still missing and unaccounted, according to the Red Cross


The number of people rescued from the mall, the military said.

10 to 15

The estimated number of militants carrying out the attack at the mall.


The number of terrorists confirmed killed, according…

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